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At uBIDuWIN we specialize in SPEED! We want to go FAST! 2 Minute auctions, hundreds of items every week, you have to BID to WIN!

How our Auctions work:

You will have the chance to review products up for auction anytime during the week and put in “Pre-Bids” but when it comes to the auction itself, you will bid to guarantee your win in just a few minutes! Simply focus on the offerings most suited to your needs and interests. You’ll have the benefit of a quick review of product features along with a simple, fast process to bid and win!
Our Pre-Bidding feature allows you to bid on items BEFORE they go live for auction! If you are unable to be online for an auction but you really want to win an item, you can put in a bid amount that will register during the live auction and outbid other users until that amount is beat.

To place a bid, you must first create an account by clicking “Sign Up” under the “My Account” tab

Follow the prompts, input your information, and you are ready to bid. It is important to understand that you may bid on as many products as you like and continue to re-enter your bid amount until you are the highest bidder when the auction closes.

The highest bidder at the end of the time limit will be awarded the product

Payment and pickup options will be presented next. Sales tax will also apply depending on your purchase location.

Shipping and Pick-Up

We ship most of our products within the continental US using USPS, UPS, and FedEx. We also offer free pickups from our North Carolina warehouse.. Returns are the customers responsibility.
For unlimited free shipping on most items, become a uBIDuWIN PRO.

North Carolina: 430 Neisler Street Shelby, NC 28152

Texas: 3447 Dalworth Street Arlington, TX 76011


Payments must be made using all major US credit cards via our check-out page. If payment is not received within 48 Hours, the product will then be re-listed and your account will be BANNED from all our future auctions.

Product Condition Overview

uBIDuWIN products come in a variety of conditions and we want our buyers to be fully informed on what they are buying before they purchase. Please read each explanation of the condition below as we go into detail on our product review process. If the item

is not in the specified condition upon pick-up, the bidder MUST report this at the warehouse prior to leaving the premises. Once the bidder has left the premises with the item, uBIDuWIN offers a 3-day return policy for BID CREDIT for functionality issues at uBIDuWIN’s discretion.

Brand New

Items that have never been opened, are still in their original retail packaging and are fully functional.

Open Box

Items that may or may not come in their original box, may have stickers or labels on it, or appear blemished in one way or another. These items are fully functional. These items may have been in customer contact. You may find stickers or labels on the packages and/or the items themselves. Manuals, refills, and some simple accessories could be missing, but basic items, and anything required for items to operate should be included.

Scratch, Dent, or Blemish

Items that may or may not come in a retail package but have been checked by uBIDuWIN technicians and are in good condi-
tion. These items likely show signs of handling and may have some cosmetic flaws and/or missing pieces. Most electrical items in this condition have been plugged in and turned on to check basic functionality. Non-Electrical items have been fully inspected. We cannot guarantee these items to be fully functional as we do not do a detailed technical examination; however, all items do turn on and/or appear functional for our brief walkthroughs. These items may or may not come with batteries, chargers, manuals, and/or supplementary accessories, These items may ship in non-retail packaging or have stickers/labels on them.


Items that do not come in the original package. These items will show signs of use and customer handling including cosmetic damage and/or damage to internal workings. Some items may need repair. These items may be missing some original parts, manuals, and/or be incomplete sets. Items are sold in “AS-IS” condition. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED FOR THESE ITEMS.

We are all about saving you money...

You bid! You win! We Deliver! Easy. Affordable. Fun.


Where does uBIDuWIN source its products from?

We have brought together a national supply line of products that are sourced from liquidations, shelf pulls, inventory changes, overstocks which have been plugged in, turned on and run, tested, etc. All of our products are sourced from some of the industries most trusted and reputable sources.

How do I participate in uBIDuWIN auctions?

To place a bid, you must first create an account with us via the registration portal in the top right corner of our website. Follow the prompts, input your information, and you are ready to bid. It is important to understand that you may bid on as many products as you like and continue to re-enter your bid amount until you are the highest bidder when the auction closes. You will be billed for the highest amount entered on a given lot.

How do I get my products?

Our products are sold and available to be picked up at our warehouse in Shelby, NC. Shipping is available and can be added to your purchase when you pay for your won item.

How do I apply Credit on an item?

Credit is added on the first page of the checkout, below shipping preferences.

How long do I have to pick up my item?

You have 7 days to pick up your item or it will be relisted for auction. Please contact us if you need an extension to the pick up date.

How long do I have to pay for my item?

You have 48 hours to pay for your item or it will be relisted.

About Us

uBIDuWin was started at the end of 2019 as a live video flash auction site and has grown into what it is today. We specialize
in liquidation auctions, selling items to consumers and resellers alike. We source our products from some of the biggest and most trustworthy retailers in the United States and pride ourselves on quality. We are always working on improving quality and quantity of products and appreciate being a huge resource to the reseller communities. We strive to continue to grow and become america’s premier online auction site with the combination of Pro and Flash Auctions.

Our headquarters is located just outside of Charlotte, NC. We offer both local pick up and nationwide shipping for all of our prod- ucts and services.

We have been featured in a variety of news articles and received many awards, most recently the Charlotte Fast 50, recognizing Charlotte’s fastest growing companies of 2020.

For more information, please send us an email at mail@ubiduwin.com.